Bestline Mining Supplies Ltd, is currently the exclusive agent and distributor for Alvenius Pipes in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. We currently hold all the available diameters, lengths and fittings in their galvanised steel pipe range. We also hold all related fittings for Alvenius Pipes.

Galvanised steel pipe system  

Hot dip galvanized pipe systems are used for underground applications such as transport of water, compressed air, dewatering, slurry and back filling. Alvenius offers two complete pipe systems, K10 or type Victaulic. K10 is a shouldered system based on metric standard for pressures up to 25 bar (360 psi) and Victaulic a grooved system based on ISO standard for pressures up to 80 bar (1160 psi). Diameter range 48 mm – 508 mm (2" – 20"). High quality, low weight combined with the quick coupling system result in low cost for installation, long durability and a minimum need of maintenance.

 Thermoplastic coated steel pipe system (TP pipes)

The Alvenius steel pipe system, inside and outside coated with thermoplastic, combines the strength of steel and resistance of thermoplastic to cope with a wide variety of corrosive media. The pipes and fittings are joined using Alvenius quick couplings or flanges to eliminate expensive and time consuming welding. Pressures up to 70 bar (1000 psi). Diameter range 89 mm – 508 mm (3"-20") The products have an extremely good adhesion so there is no risk of scaling or cracking. Elongation at break is 800 %. Working temperature continuous in air + 65 deg. C /150 deg. F.

The TP pipes are used in applications such as heap leaching for copper, gold and zink, dewatering, process water, fire fighting and for media with acid water, high content of chloride or salt.

The TP pipes have superior resistance to pitting corrosion and have a significantly longer service life than for example stainless steel 316L.

Alvenius’s vision is to further establish themselves as a leading manufacturer of steel pipe systems within the mining industry, civil engineering, and industrial industry. Alvenius has delivered hot dipped galvanised pipe systems for over 50 years in both temporary and permanent applications.

The Alvenius objective is to supply products and services of such quality that they will fully conform to the demands and expectations of our customers and authorities. Regular X-Ray Control takes place and all pipes undergo visual inspection as well as hydrostatic tests at 1.5 times their working pressure.The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 by Lloyds Registar.

Please visit the alvenius website: for further information, casestudies and technical data.



                   Considerable Reliability

               Flexibility & Versatility

                Long Life

                   Complete System

                   Tight Tolerances

                Ability to use K10 Victaulic