Lined Valve Company, Inc designs and manufactures knife gate valves. LVC is based in Woodland, Wasington, USA, with manufacturing plants in Washington and Florida. Bestline Mining Supplies Ltd, Kitwe, Zambia is the Agents for LVC and hold the following valve in various sizes at our Warehouse in Kitwe.We currenlty have over 3,000 valves in stock in Kitwe.


  • HEAVY DUTY cast ductile iron body, bonnet, gate and handwheel.
  •  Fusion Bonded Powder Coating on all interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Alvenius K10 Coupling end connections.
  • 16 Bar design pressure.
  • EPDM Resilient Seat for bi directional drip tight shut off.
  • Non-rising stem handwheel operated.
  • Brass Stem bushing with EPDM stem seal and backseat provides reduced       operating torque.
  • EPDM top stem seal to keep dust and debris from working in between stem and bushing.
  • Precision compression moulded gate seat for superior seating capability
  • Seat seals FLUSH on bottom ID of body eliminating any pockets in the bottom of the valve to collect particles in the pipeline.
  • Stainless Steel stem for corrosion resistance.
  • Tested to 24 bar for body and bonnet hydrostatic test.
  • Tested to 17.6 bar for gate integrity and seat leakage.
  • Available in sizes 48mm through 203mm.



-      Portable Water                    - Mining

-      Waste Water                      - Tunneling

-      Food Processing                    - Power

-      Cooling Water                      - Process Piping

-      Compressed Air Lines

-      Fire Protection Systems

-      Pumped Drainage Systems