PROTAN VENTIFLEX - Flexible Ducting and Accessories

Protan Ventiflex ducting is manufactured in Drammen, Norway from vinyl coated scrim and is delivered to fit different service requirements. Standard lengths are 10m, 15m and 20m. Longer lengths can be assembled to suit in our warehouse in Kitwe, Zambia. Standard diameters range from 200mm to 1400mm depending on the client’s needs.


All seams are welded. One end of the tube is fitted with a steel coupling ring. The ring is also fastened by means of welding as in the longitudinal rib which is equipped with eyelets for fastening of the hangers. The hanger consists of a double hook with a galvanised steel thread. The hook is the weakest joint and straightens out in case of an overload. Each tube is marked as follows; Manufacturers Name, Quality, Designation, Diameter, Production Year, Week and Day.


·         Hooks (Various Steel Hooks for different uses)

·         Grommets (Reinforced PVC grommets in the same material as the textile)

·         Soft Couplings (Safe, Reliable, easy to install and separate)

·         Zip Couplings

·         Steel Couplings (LP Coulping / VF Coupling)

For further information on Protan Ventilation ducting please refer to

Underground Ventilation Mining Brochure.pdf Underground Ventilation Mining Brochure.pdf
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Protan_Ventiflex User Manual.pdf Protan_Ventiflex User Manual.pdf
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